The Google Complex

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I’ve noticed a lot of buzz online about the whole Google+ “improved search” controversy.

I don’t care if twitter feeds are shown in my Google results, in fact, I prefer that they are not. Twitter can be a crowded place, with many stupid thoughts, from stupid people. I don’t care what Joe-Bob the McDonald’s drive-through-guy thinks about global warming, because he probably doesn’t even know why it snows, let alone what chlorofluorocarbons do to the ozone. When I search for “global warming” I want a result from a lab, university, or community action group, who HAS to have their facts straight. Not just an ignorant, biased, blurb summed up in less than 140 characters.

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You want to make me interested in Google news? tell me they are going back to their roots, and stripping all the extra crap out of it. I know that will never happen though. So, when it comes to this whole Google vs Twitter drama, I say it doesn’t matter one lick. Google gets picked on because they are the biggest player on the web right now, and because they often times bring it on themselves.

When did Google become complicated and annoying?

Do you remember the old days? The days when Google was just a search engine. When you typed in a search request, and got results. When it all “just worked.” It’s ironic that Apple is now the champion of simplicity, rather than Google.

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I remember when Apple was just a niche company whose products I only had to deal with at school. Now, one of Apple’s biggest advertising slogans is “It just works.” And it does! I have an iPhone 4S, and had the 4, 3G, and original iPhones. I own a MacMini (though, I admittedly almost never use it.) I have tested Windows Phones, Androids, and keep coming back to the iPhone. I keep coming back because it just works. It works without asking me to try 50 different app stores, or learn new ways to navigate depending on the device you happen to be using, or to risk having virus-like apps.

Through that testing I have knowledge. When I was asked what phone I recommend, other than the iPhone, I was able to say “Samsung Galaxy S.” I was also able to tell that person what to look out for in the way of trouble, and how to avoid/fix it. I don’t have to impart that knowledge for an iPhone… Unless it’s a jail-break question. The very thing that makes Android such a pain to deal with at times is the openness of the app stores. If there’s one advantage to Apple’s closed approach, it’s reliability. We can argue until we are blue in the face and not agree which mobile-OS is actually better and still never agree. The fact is, they each have features I love, and features I hate, but the “simple reliability” factor keeps me coming back to iOS.

English: iPhone 4 comparion to the iPhone 4S.via Wikipedia

Some will see this as Apple “Fanboyism” but in reality, I use: Gmail, Windows 7, Google Chrome, Facebook, and iOS. I use whatever I feel is the best thing for the task at hand, which unfortunately means I still use Google search.


What do you think?

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