Cars in the Cloud!

Mercedes ©

Mercedes “mbrace 2”

Mercedes-Benz Apps

Creating a truly networked vehicle, mbrace2 offers not only open internet access, but special versions of popular apps — including Facebook, Yelp and Google Local Search — designed specifically for in-vehicle use. And because it connects the car and the “cloud”, the system can be upgraded whenever new software and applications become available.

Do we really need this? A “nag-screen” popping up about some advertised food-chain, while we’re trying to navigate 6 lanes of traffic… In the snow…. While we’re talking on the cell phone… And arguing with the kid in the back seat!!

Have we taken this whole cloud idea and gone too far? I say yes. We can no longer escape it. With government bills that could potentially censor the internet (S.O.P.A.) coming at us faster than we can keep up, and the constant need to have some kind of a screen in front of our faces 24/7. No, the robots aren’t going to ever rise up and take the planet from us, because we will die of boredom, and stupidity long before that can happen.

English: UK flagship McDonald's restaurant.

Those of us who don’t die in a fireball will get so sick of seeing the same 10 “targeted” Google ads EVERYWHERE we go, that we’ll destroy our electronics and opt for a life living off what’s left of nature. When the screen pops up to tell you about a restaurant, it won’t be for some new Chinese place, it’ll be for the McDonald’s that you know was there since 1973. Why? Because McDonald’s will pay to make sure you see their nag screen before Sho’s China Wok.

Google’s ads don’t work the way they’re supposed to anyway. Back in October, all I saw were ads for games I already owned, or had already pre-ordered. Can you guess what I see now? Sony Vaio ads. Not just any Vaio though, but the very same model I bought. The same laptop I did a review on. Does Google think I need two of them?

Combine that with a smaller internet experience due to YouTube and Flickr being shut down over copyright crap with the usual suspects, and we will ALWAYS see the same results in our searches. Search for laptops, get info on the one you already bought, from the manufacturer’s website. No independent reviews, because that could be construed as infringement, or at least called as such because the company didn’t like what you had to say.

Person using cell phone while driving.

We are driving ourselves off the electronic cliff people. Wake up and smell the real roses. There are times when you SHOULDN’T have internet access, and one of those times is when you’re driving down the road!

Picture all the rich teenage girls; driving down the road, and one of their friends makes a Facebook post to the tune of: “OMG!!! Bobby kissed Tina!!” How do you think that is going to end when she’s driving 80-mph on the loop?


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