Ground beef in industrial grinder

Have you ever gone to McDonald’s and just felt… Unsatisfied? Turns out, there’s a reason for that. They have been using something referred to as “Pink Slime” in their meats. Supposedly this has stopped, according to a press release, but there’s really no way to be absolutely sure of that. The USDA doesn’t consider the process important for listing in any ingredients list.

let me first tell you what this “Pink Slime” really is. It’s all the bits of the cow (or pig, or chicken, etc…) that we don’t use at home. When a butcher (or processing plant) cuts away all the bad parts it gets put into a bin. That bin can go one of two places; a production facility to make animal food, or to another area of the shop. If it ends up in that other area of the shop, it gets spun very fast so that the fat will be forced away from the leftover meat. The fat gets sold off to a company that can use it, and the meat gets put into another bin.

English: Meat packages in a Roman supermarket.

The bin of leftover meat gets washed in Ammonia and water, which kills any bacteria and germs that may be lurking. The new “clean” meat then gets ground up and mixed with the good meat to help “reduce waste” and save money. While this may be more cost effective, it’s all a bit disgusting. I for one will no longer be using ground beef from a supermarket, or eating burgers at restaurants, any time soon.

If you would like to watch a video, here is one that I found on Hulu. You can watch the whole show if you like, but the important part is section 2, right after the first commercial break.

I think the solution to this would be to write our Congressmembers and ask that labeling show whether “Pink Slime” is used in the production of food. Currently producers are able to use as much as 15% pink slime in any product, and they do not have to indicate any percentage on labeling. Pink Slime can also be called “Mechanically Separated Meat” or “Meat Product.” So when you check your pet-food ingredients list, this is what they mean when it says “**** Product” or “**** Byproduct” in the list. Replace the stars with whatever kind of meat it is.

Time to find a good local butcher who is willing to give me what I actually want, rather than whatever I happen to find on the shelf.


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