Superbowl ad-day…

Super Bowl XLVI

The confetti has fallen, the stars have left the stadium, and the cleanup begins. As per my prediction (my 5th straight) the Giants overcame the Patriots in Superbowl XLVI. 21-17 seems like a rather low score for such a big game with two seemingly explosive offensive programs.

I have to be honest. I did not watch, as I could care less about these two teams once again appearing. I stopped caring the moment Green Bay was knocked out of the playoffs, ironically getting taken out by the very same team who ended Brett Favre’s dreams of making a third Superbowl. They did it again at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, and again went on to win the Superbowl. It’s funny how the Pats forgot how that went down last time.

The reason this is titled “Superbowl ad-day” is because I get to talk about the commercials, which is a big part of the reason why anybody watches the game when their team isn’t in it. These are not “the most popular” or “most liked” commercials, just the ones I liked best. I will give you my 10 favorites, in order from least to most. So prepare for this to be a long post. I embedded the videos so that you don’t have to keep switching tabs or anything.

10) I think someone needs to sign this kid now. Forget college and high-school… Just get him on the field.

9) This is probably the best E*Trade baby commercial yet.

8) The Cola-Bears are back! I can just imagine the refs… “Upon further review, the catcher did not have control of the bottle when he crossed the line, pass is incomplete, third down”

7) At first I was like “OK, a hot chick who likes coffee, must be a coffee commercial” then… Just watch.

6) Three words: It fights crime!

5) Betty White rocks.

4) They didn’t think this plan through very much.

3) Much better than some of their previous commercials. For some reason they chose not to upload an HD version, which I do not understand. You can find an HD version on YouTube, but I chose to only show the “official” ones from the advertiser’s channels here.

2) I guess VW figured the Vader-kid from last year worked so well that they would tie it in this year as well. Vader-kid was better.

1) I’ll let my inner geek fly here for a moment and say this is my favorite only because it’s dogs barking out the “Death March” from Star Wars. This one was actually the teaser for the commercial posted above.

In my opinion, those are the ten best commercials of the day. Be sure to also check out Madonna’s Half-Time Show, because it was pretty good, with the exception of a couple stumbles on her part. This is not an official copy, and I will remove the link if I get a request to do so from the NFL, Madonna, RIAA, etc…

Congratulations to the NY Giants; thanks for keeping the trophy in the NFC, and away from the New England Patriots, even though you had to beat my Packers to do it.

The Vince Lombardi Trophy.

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