Driving on public roads…

There must be a full moon, or something! For the last two days I have had cars behaving extremely stupid around me. I’m not sure if the fumes from the mill are starting to drain the motor-skills out of people around here, or if it’s just some vast conspiracy to try and destroy my car.

A Big Mac combo meal with French fries and Coc...

How can people eat all this?

The best one was in front of the McDonald’s. I was travelling north, and signaled that I would be turning in, I needed my coffee fix. There was a guy (in a purple Chrysler Town & Country mini-van) sitting at the exit to the McDonald’s to my left who LOOKED RIGHT AT ME, then proceeded to dart out into the road like I wasn’t even there. If I had not slammed on my brakes, he would have speared me into oblivion.

In almost every crime of monumental idiocy, it was a douche in a mini-van that committed it. Maybe the Mini-Van-Mafia is resorting to extreme measures to maintain it’s memberships… Now they just want to destroy every car that isn’t a mini-van.

Foreign companies' cell phones, such as Motoro...

Really, the world will not end if you miss one damned text!

The rest were just random other types of vehicles, this makes me wonder if people are just too busy focusing on their cell-phones. Cells are now held in much the same way a criminal would hold a gun while driving down the road, passing a cop they don’t want to alert. Below the window line, but still in hand, and requiring constant visual confirmation that it hasn’t somehow fallen apart. The state banned cell-phones while driving, and PEOPLE ACTUALLY DRIVE WORSE!


2 thoughts on “Driving on public roads…

  1. You’ve truly lived up to your name, CynicalDriver 😉 While the minivan mafia may be terrorizing you, I keep finding that the most obnoxious/oblivious drivers tend to drive black luxury vehicles (Infiniti, BMW, etc) with silver trim. A bit specific, I know….

    • That is true to a certain extent. Most of the oblivious drivers in those kind of cars, got them from a trust, or just gifted from Mommy & Daddy. I value my car far too highly to not pay attention, and I would venture to guess that most people who paid for their own super-expensive cars also feel the same way.

      I picked on the Mini-Van Mafia because they seem to be the biggest culprits around here, with loads of people buying half-destroyed Chryslers and not really caring about dents and such. Obviously, someone who buys a new one will be more careful with it, unless of course their parents bought it for the oldest kid to haul the younger kids around while they are at work; then the kid hates it and wants it destroyed, lol.

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