New Pictures!

I took my camera out this weekend, and got some awesome shots…









The one with the quarters has already been set as a new header image, and the Foosball table may end up as one as well, if you want it. The third image was taken while I was just playing around, and I thought it turned out pretty awesome, so I decided to share it.

Some Monday fun to break up the beginning of the week.


2 thoughts on “New Pictures!

  1. I like the coins picture. As headers go, you blog has a great name, so headers with some relationship to driving seems more appropriate. As for the picture of the kid that one is nice too, but if you use a picture of a person you need their model release or conscent by the kid and the parents. Pictures of individual people can bring up legal thorns I was told unless they are of yourself and you yourself post it publicly.

    • The name of the blog is also my username on just about every site I use, so it’s not exclusive to a theme. I’m CynicalDriver on PSN, XBL, Steam, Hulu, Youtube, even Most of my headers will be some kind of driving-related shot, and I already have 3 that are driving-related. The 4th is to insert variety, and to be the main header for finance related posts. The Foosball one was cool, but I wasn’t sure if it would fit well, don’t think I’ll be using it.

      You’d be amazed how difficult it is to get decent driving photos, lol. I’m also trying to put the winter ones away for the summer. Problem is, since it hasn’t rained much I don’t have a good alternative to the windshield one, and my area isn’t especially interesting without snow. I need to go out of town on a road-trip to get some more good ones. I’m thinking a trip to Madison is in order.

      For the picture of the kid, I know him and his mom personally, so I’m not risking lawsuits or anything. Normally I wouldn’t post pictures of people (unless it’s a re-posting of a fair-use photo) but I thought it was cool enough to share.

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