The Power of 7…


Seven. It seems like such a simple number, yet many cultures consider it to be lucky. In fact, this number is seen significantly in religions from every civilized continent. It is such an important number that it was chosen to represent the number of days in the week, despite it not being a divisor for the number of days of the year. Coincidence? Maybe…

The “Seven Deadly Sins,” pyramids have 4 triangles (3+4=7), Mayan pyramids had seven steps, the “Seven Lucky Gods” (Japanese mythology.) The references go on and on, and on.

Today there are seven billion people on Earth, which is ironic considering the hysteria we are sure to see in the coming months. Many predict the end of the world, or some massive shift in society. Most of these can be traced back to the Mayan calendar, and various (most likely) bad interpretations of a dead language.

Some argue that seven’s significance goes back to ancient times, when it was believed there were 7 figures in the sky which behaved differently from stars. Five visible planets (stars that didn’t stay in one spot), plus the Sun and the Moon. I doubt that, because back then we had to stay hidden at night to avoid being eaten. So then what is it?

It seems that our entire race is infatuated with this number, and now our population has matched it in a way that no one could have predicted ages ago. If seven is so lucky, then are we entering a golden age of humanity? It sure is hard to say, considering the economic problems we are facing today.

Perhaps 7 is a very important number…

42, The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Lif...

The answer to “…Life, the Universe, and Everything” is 42, which is 7 times 6. 6 also being frequently used in religious symbology, of course.


4 thoughts on “The Power of 7…

  1. I liked this post a lot. Seven is the number of God’s perfection and superiority. Six is for the bad guy who comes up short, the devil, and can never really beat God. The 42 was awesome because I read the book, and your post made a connection in my mind. Earth is 7 times 6 for sure, or 42. Great idea.

  2. After read several of the content on your website these week, and I really like your style of running a blog. I book-marked it to my favorites site list and will be checking back in the near future.

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