Trust Us This Day…

I had considered pulling a sick prank today, in honor of April 1st. One option was to leave a suicide note, but it might be taken seriously, which could get me committed for a 24 hour “watch.” There were also thoughts of announcing the permanent closure of the blog, but one would actually need some readers to get a real reaction.

I could make something up about a celebrity and sheep, in Scotland, but that could get me sued. Maybe an article on the guy who cut down the last tree in the UK would be interesting, but then some bloke from London would miss the humor and point out the trees in Hyde Park.

So, my April Fool’s joke is to not prank anyone, but share a humorous site instead…

The site has many interesting April Fool’s cards like this one, which you can share with friends on Facebook, or Twitter if ya like, for free. Some are quite funny actually, and they have some for just about any occasion.

Funny Confession Ecard: I wish I had a job I could dream about quitting if I won the Mega Millions.  

I thought this one was rather good. The ultimate irony is that it’s actually true in my case.

You can create custom cards as well, in the off chance that they don’t have anything sufficiently insulting.

What are you doing to honor the wondrous day that is today? I plan on annoying my friends until they are ready to kill me… Not really, but, isn’t that the point?

P.S. I saw Hunger Games last night, and they all died at the end. How can they make a sequel like that?


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