I’m not really sure what I should be putting here. I have never really been very good at discussing myself, and always feel like I am trying to fill out some ridiculous info-blob on a dating site when I do these “about me” things.

Instead of trying to bore you with my history, I’ll tell you some of what to expect out of this blog. Most people in America find it necessary to bother themselves with political correctness. I do not, so often times the opinions you read here will actually be honest ones. There will be no slant, or spin, or agendas; just my views on things I find interesting.

If I offend you, that is not the intent, perhaps you should learn to not take things so personally.

Just to get this stuff out of the way:

  • Politics: Independent
  • Social Freedoms: Liberal
  • Fiscal Practices: Conservative

I support people’s freedoms, while at the same time supporting the idea of a smaller less expensive government. I do not care if gay people want to get married, because it’s their life, not mine. I do not care what religion you are; if you’re a good person, I will support you. I do care about the massive amounts of wasteful spending in our government (on ALL levels) and hate the bickering that goes on between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to balancing the budget.

Socialism cannot work. When you have a government that relies on the people for it’s income, you MUST have more people working in the private sector than are working in the public sector (government employees.) This is why I cannot support any “Jobs Bill” that creates government jobs, rather than creating an environment allowing the private sector to accomplish this with more ease.

When I discuss politics I am often called “Republican” when it comes to finances, and “Democrat” when it comes to social liberties. The truth is, neither label fits me. I will try to avoid political commentaries, but I know sometimes something will come up that really gets to me, and I have to say something.


8 thoughts on “About

      • Took your suggestions for my site to heart. Thank you for taking all the time to look it over. I like the corner blue green logo in the pictures. Wish I had you talent. Just an amateur in photos and only play with simple paint programs. But maybe that will come down the road.

    • That’s fine, we all start in the exact same place. I am still an amateur myself. In fact, I only started seriously toying with the graphics and stuff a couple weeks ago.

      You’re most welcome. I like the content of your blog, so it wasn’t hard to look it over, I enjoyed it.

      Thanks for the compliment on the logo, I tried a few concepts and settled on that one… For now, lol.

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