Spring Cleaning…

Wiese mit blühendem Löwenzahn in Tharandt

I really am starting to despise Spring. It seems that every year something bad happens between March and May. Last year I had an accident that forced me into unemployment (which I have been trying to survive off of ever since) and this year my Grandmother ended up in the hospital with heart problems twice in three days. Now, my Grandma is doing fine and the silver lining of the accident is that it freed up considerable time to get prepared for, and reasoning to seriously pursue, a future college experience. I say “experience” rather than “education” for a reason…

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at the fifth D: All ...

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at the fifth D: All Things Digital conference (D5) in 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a rather cynical view of the world, hence my handle on virtually all of my online accounts; I also enjoy going for a drive, which I can no longer afford to do as much as I would like. Education implies that I will be learning skills needed for life, and that without such I could not survive. This is not true, considering I have made it to 29 without college. I’ve actually made good money from the jobs I have had, which proves the point of “college graduates make more money” to not always be true. Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg dropped out, as did Bill Gates and he has been the richest man on earth for many years. Of course those three are extreme examples, but the fact remains; we are now living in an age where a college graduate may very well end up making barely over minimum wage.

There is something to be said for doing what you want (rather than what you have to) though, so while I won’t be learning my life skills from professors, I will be learning things that will allow me to do more than I already can. I can tell you that I do not look forward to Math classes, because that is one area where I have a huge amount of (earned) anxiety. I can process extremely complex systems and organize things very well, but when it comes down to calculations involving numbers and letters, my brain has a tendency to switch off. So I will get to live “the college life” once and for all. Aren’t you glad that I will have this blog to point out all the hypocrisy?

The habitation of a hermit

Anyway, I was talking about Spring cleaning. It’s that time of year when we clean out the cobwebs from the winter months, and unpack the summer clothes in the hopes that we see more sun than rain. For me, this symbology has taken on a much deeper meaning, an almost existential period. My interactions with people decline, and I become a near-hermit for a short period of time every year; as I try and work through whatever crisis hit this time. I am hoping it will be done quickly this year because, to be honest, I have been through worse. I thought about this blog many times over the past two weeks, and just couldn’t build up the ambition to do something until now. I am hoping it’s an indication of my return to normalcy.

Spring cleaning also means I need to find replacements for my “winter/fall” themed header graphics. So I am hoping to get out of the house today and get some material to make more inspiring “Spring/Summer” ones. This all depends on the weather and other uncontrollable circumstances, but I am going to try and get it done before the end of the week.

Also… I never really got a good indicator of your interest in my reviews of Windows 8. Did you want them, or shall I continue just kinda puttering with it in my spare time? I will take the time to really dive in, if the demand is there. I am also going to take this “transition-subject” opportunity to give lots of warning to my readers: as the US elections (yes I have readers in 8 countries now 🙂 ) draw nearer, I MAY end up posting political pieces until they are over. It doesn’t make much sense right now, considering how far away that is and how much opportunity they still have to make huge mistakes, but it might happen as we get close to August or September. There will also be a lot of technology (mostly entertainment tech) related pieces as we get close to E3 because Gaming is a rather large area of interest for me on many levels… Which I will explain in my next post.