Heads Up…

I have finally gotten around to making some new headers for you all to enjoy. These are very “springy” due to the rainy day that inspired me to try some new stuff. “Summery” ones will follow soon.

Here you go…

I thought the flower cluster poking out between the pillars of the railing was perfect. This one also qualifies for the Weekly Photo Challenge! How cool is that? I wasn’t even trying, lol.

This is the bridge where the flower lives, which was also a great fit for the blog.

This is a shot of my rear-view mirror, with the view out the windshield blurred out… You know what they say; “Hindsight is 20/20.” I think this illustrates that concept rather well.

Just a nice photo of a nearby street, while it was empty of course.

Hope you enjoy them, and feedback is welcome as usual. I would like to remind everyone that I reserve all rights associated with any of my own works of photography and graphic design displayed on this blog. IĀ apologizeĀ to my regular readers for the legal spot, but I have to put that there because I have already had one item show up elsewhere; thanks for understanding.



I said I was going to be making another blog, but for gaming.

Here it is: Game Shorts

This won’t distract me from this blog though, so don’t worry. The advantage of that one is that I have no expectations on frequency of postings at all. So whenever I try a new game, or decide to discuss gaming specifically, it’ll get a new post. Everything else stays here.

The ultimate irony is that it took playing a horrible game to get me to do that, not a great one like Mass Effect (the first one.) That blog is not “finished” yet, I still have a lot of work to do with the layout and graphics on it. Still haven’t decided whether I want a dark theme like this, or the light one that it currently has. Expect frequent changes for the first few weeks. This should be an interesting experiment and if nothing else, it will be an outlet for designing off-the-wall graphics.

Also, for those of you who like photos, we are expecting some weather today. I hope it leads to some cool shots. If it goes well, I will post some here.