Heads Up…

I have finally gotten around to making some new headers for you all to enjoy. These are very “springy” due to the rainy day that inspired me to try some new stuff. “Summery” ones will follow soon.

Here you go…

I thought the flower cluster poking out between the pillars of the railing was perfect. This one also qualifies for the Weekly Photo Challenge! How cool is that? I wasn’t even trying, lol.

This is the bridge where the flower lives, which was also a great fit for the blog.

This is a shot of my rear-view mirror, with the view out the windshield blurred out… You know what they say; “Hindsight is 20/20.” I think this illustrates that concept rather well.

Just a nice photo of a nearby street, while it was empty of course.

Hope you enjoy them, and feedback is welcome as usual. I would like to remind everyone that I reserve all rights associated with any of my own works of photography and graphic design displayed on this blog. I apologize to my regular readers for the legal spot, but I have to put that there because I have already had one item show up elsewhere; thanks for understanding.


New Pictures!

I took my camera out this weekend, and got some awesome shots…









The one with the quarters has already been set as a new header image, and the Foosball table may end up as one as well, if you want it. The third image was taken while I was just playing around, and I thought it turned out pretty awesome, so I decided to share it.

Some Monday fun to break up the beginning of the week.

Picture 1

Starting today, once in a while, I will post a picture from my collection. These will all be originals taken by myself, with minimal editing.

They may not all be new photos however, I may post a picture that I have in my collection, such as the one I am posting today…

Fall River, MA. January 10th, 2011

Taken with my old iPhone 4. Just lucky timing, because I think the lens flare actually adds to this photo, rather than ruining it.

Lightning Reflexes

I read a blog recently, which is a bit old (May, 2011) but had one line that left me a bit… We’ll say curious.

… a longer exposure is necessary, as no human has the reflexes to catch a lightning bolt. …

I beg to differ. Too often we define ourselves as limited. We decide “We can’t do that, so we’ll use a tool to do it for us. We’ll cheat.” and just accept that as reality. The truth of the matter is, we CAN catch a lightning strike! I have personally done this with a relatively cheap point-and-shoot camera.

July 7th, 2008; 6:02am. Higginsville, MO.

No long exposures. No tricks. No Photoshop. Just good timing on my part.

I’m not saying it’s easy to get a shot of lightning, quite the opposite. It can be a royal pain in the rear. You will get many shots of nothing, which some will see as a waste of good opportunities you could have had with long exposures. I don’t see it that way, because this shot is beautiful, simple, and un-edited. No cloud noise, no funny lighting, plenty of drama. The only bad thing about this picture, is the lack of quality due to the poor camera I had to shoot it with.

The camera I took this with was a Kodak Z710. I didn’t even use a stand, just waited for the show to start, and clicked when I saw signs of life. I actually caught several strikes that day, but this was the only one that didn’t end up distorted due to the lack of stand. We shall see if my new camera can do any better this spring… Sony NEX-5, which I will write a review of in the coming weeks. I need more shots with it.

I guess my point is: Don’t assume it’s not possible just because you haven’t done it yet.